Bruce R. Blay || 1985

Dallas Texas  || 入力します

Current Employer: AmpThink

Lead front-end at AmpThink

AmpThink is a multifaceted company that provides top to bottom expertise for large scale Wi-Fi networks. The lion's share of the client base is made up of professional sporting arenas.

Analytics Dashboard

Lead front end developer for a rewrite of an analytics tool which allows clients to monitor key points of interest for their Wi-Fi networks. Moved from a .NET environment to a more maintainable Javascript codebase, specifically using Ember.js. Assisted in setup and management of Postgres backend with GraphQL as a bridge for flexible queries on the frontend. Deployed and managed versions for over 30 clients, each with massive datasets.

Captive Portals

Responsible for building, deploying, and maintaining captive sign on portals for clients with public Wi-Fi. These included standard Google Analytics as well as extra logging which would be useful for the custom analytics tool mentioned above.

Interactive Stadium Signage

Interactive signage for clients using a CiscoVision environment with limited HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Challenges included accessibility concerns, handling performance on machines with very limited processing resources, and working with a restricted version of Chromium.

Client Catalog

Designed, built, and maintained a client catalog for captive portals used as a single point of reference for current deployment states, a portfolio of work for new client pitches, and QA sign off from clients before deployment.

Front-end at Vinli (2O15 - 2O17)

Vinli is a startup that developed a connected car platform which uses the OBD-II port on vehicles to stream diagnostics to the user and provide a WiFi hotspot.

Customer Service Interface

Lead developer for an internal tool which enables customer service representatives to diagnose, fix, or create issues for customers having trouble with their OBD-II module. Built with Ember, Hapi.js, and Postgres. Concerns included permissioning for third party service reps as well as keeping a history audit for any changes a rep might have made in error.

Fleet Management

Overview of devices owned by a company. Aggregate telemetry data to manage fuel efficiency, maintainance, and location of vehicles. Use cases included dealerships, ride sharing (Uber), and other logistics heavy industries using vehicles.

Third Party App Management

Tool for the internal Apps department to manage third party developers who wish to publish to the Vinli ecosystem.

Vinli UI

Library of UI components written for Ember to be used across all front-end projects.

Junior at 7Okft (2O14 - 2O15)


Built and contributed to dozens of client websites which used a variety of CMSs including Craft, ExpressionEngine, and WordPress. Many included ecommerce integrations. All were responsive. A typical project would include design handoffs, functional demos, extensive QA, and client training on their chosen CMS.

HTML Emails 🤢

Developed several custom HTML email campaigns including the monthly company newsletter.

7Okft newsletter

Personal Projects

Melting Season

music and visual project

Closed Eye Visual

site with videos for every song


University of Texas at Arlington

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science (SE) - 2014

University of North Texas

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy - 2008